sprouted quinoa salad

Sumptuous Sprouted Quinoa Salad – Has arrived!

salads january 2015_0726 mortar pestle garlic It all started with a mortar and pestle, long, long, long time ago…


Ok, not that long ago. But yes, we do employ the ‘days of old’ methods for making our Sumptuous Sprouted Quinoa Salad.

Fortified with freshly ground flax seed and the healthy bite and full flavour of macerated garlic, our Sprouted Quinoa Salad has a wonderful well rounded taste. Perfectly suited for your well rounded lifestyle, right?!

Living foods are for vibrant, luscious, exciting people, looking to live a full life. In our sumptuous Sprouted Quinoa Salad you will enjoy sprouted green lentils, cucumber, freshly macerated garlic with olive oil, lemon juice and flax seeds, topped with organic Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli and Arugula Sprouts.


Get them now, prepared fresh weekly at Big Guy’s Coffee Shop and More Than Pies – Bakery • Market • Cafe

More than Pies: Yes we have sprouted!

Deliciously growing, in all directions, sprouts that is. They are so happy to expand to just about anywhere you let them. Well in the Etobicoke neighbhourhood, they are growing up and expanding at More Than Pies. A delicious bakery full of fresh, tasty goodness all of its own.

brassica-sprouts-close-upOur sprouts will be very happy to join the amazing line up of fresh Movember cookies, mini pizzas, wraps, cakes, scones and much more. You can tell our sprouts from a mile away: because they are so brilliant and green! Shouting to share their love and nutrition with your family.


You can find them at:

More Than Pies – Bakery • Market • Cafe
3469 Lake Shore Blvd. W. (at 30th on the south side)
Toronto, Ontario M8V 1N2


Growing up Salads

Growing up salads starts with healthy roots.

Every little sprout needs to open up into a warmed, nutrient rich environment to give it strength to grow. Sunflower shoots that become microgreens offer the best of flavour, greens, health, nutrients, and fun variety into your salads.

The strong, healthy roots growing here create a strong matting that can easily be lifted off the growing tray.

Roots health IMG_3329Roots health IMG_3328

We love colours too.

After we put together fresh, organic shoots and sprouts, we toss them up with the best combinations of colour we can think off. Yes, eating with a rainbow of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts is definitely the way to health.

Beginnings of a most delicious Cabbage based Coleslaw with a flourish: not so secret ingredient Anise!
Our Lemon Kale Sprouted Salad contains Certified Organic Brassica Sprout Blend, Seasoned Kale (with lemon and extra virgin olive oil), Red peppers, Cucumbers, Pumpkin Seeds, and Green onions.



Don’t forget to ask:

for our special, fresh made Mustard Dressing, when you pick up one of these delicious sprout salad combos!

We found the fridge and filled it with raw goodness (sprouts)

We found the fridge!
And filled it with raw goodness!


Every day fresh sprouts, salads, and microgreens are just jousting for attention to make it into their little individual packages, to meet you, get home or work with you and make you strong. Eat some now!

Raw sprouts are delicious and offer the best of both worlds: compact taste, flavour, and nourishment from seed and growing plant.

Coming soon: fruity, wild salads!