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Monika Meulman’s green thumb brings together gardening

Published Jul-10, 2015 – original story at Inside Toronto

Urban Hero – Urban Hero Awards for Environment, Etobicoke

Biophilia, or the theory that the human body is genetically predisposition to be near nature is what inspires Monika Meulman, the creative face behind the Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society (LEGS). 

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Meulman has always loved plants, and continues to share her knowledge with others as chair of the group with events such as Seedy Sunday, a community seed exchange. Meulman started the group nine years ago, and now there are about 40 active members. 

From planting school gardens and parks and finding other places to add a lively touch of green in Etobicoke, Meulman and her LEGS team look for ways to engage the community and recycle environmental materials. 

“She has such a natural positive, energy,” said LEGS member Debbie Wagdin. “She’s also a dynamic leader and makes sure people feel welcome.”  For Meulman, it’s the level of surprise that keeps her motivated to do her work. 

“It’s nice to know that we can label plants and their growing patterns, but they will always manage to do what they want,” Meulman said.  Aside from gardening, Meulman enjoys many outdoor activities, including playing sports, camping, and running an apothecary with her own handmade oils.

Monika Meulman is the master gardener and hands on creator, producer of Roots To Harvest.
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