Landscaping Organically – from roots to harvest in your garden

Landscaping Organically – from roots to harvest in your garden

Time to grow! Grow up already we say. 

But in the garden that can be daunting. Hopefully you have at least a handful of pots or planters handy to grow tasty strawberries or herbs this season. Maybe you are fortunate enough to expand into the garden, front or back, and can enjoy the riches the earth has to offer.



Growing home grown vegetables is one of life’s great privileges. The earth provides us with such nourishment.
We applaud every little growing green thumb!


If your thumb is not so green, have no fear Roots To Harvest Landscaping is here. We can help you leave the vast, green lawn far behind. We can also navigate through the jungles of your own overgrown, at once ambitious, but then forgotten, garden project.

phase 2 raised garden beds RCA beforephase 2 raised garden beds RCA afterA

We don’t judge.

We just grow!

Growing lovely, strong, delicious plants we know!


If you need a little (or a lot of help) just call 416-347-5449  or email


Our new landscaping page is up and running. We will add our underway projects there. 

See you soon! Happy growing. May you have a most bountiful harvest.


from the green thumbs at Roots To Harvest Organic Landscaping

Growing up Salads

Growing up salads starts with healthy roots.

Every little sprout needs to open up into a warmed, nutrient rich environment to give it strength to grow. Sunflower shoots that become microgreens offer the best of flavour, greens, health, nutrients, and fun variety into your salads.

The strong, healthy roots growing here create a strong matting that can easily be lifted off the growing tray.

Roots health IMG_3329Roots health IMG_3328

We love colours too.

After we put together fresh, organic shoots and sprouts, we toss them up with the best combinations of colour we can think off. Yes, eating with a rainbow of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts is definitely the way to health.

Beginnings of a most delicious Cabbage based Coleslaw with a flourish: not so secret ingredient Anise!
Our Lemon Kale Sprouted Salad contains Certified Organic Brassica Sprout Blend, Seasoned Kale (with lemon and extra virgin olive oil), Red peppers, Cucumbers, Pumpkin Seeds, and Green onions.



Don’t forget to ask:

for our special, fresh made Mustard Dressing, when you pick up one of these delicious sprout salad combos!

We found the fridge and filled it with raw goodness (sprouts)

We found the fridge!
And filled it with raw goodness!


Every day fresh sprouts, salads, and microgreens are just jousting for attention to make it into their little individual packages, to meet you, get home or work with you and make you strong. Eat some now!

Raw sprouts are delicious and offer the best of both worlds: compact taste, flavour, and nourishment from seed and growing plant.

Coming soon: fruity, wild salads!