At Roots to Harvest, our focus is on growth in body and mind.

How can you be truly healthy within, if your home, your kitchen, your garden is not?

Eating fresh, delicious goodness helps support your growth in countless ways. We started growing sprouts simply because eating local, fresh good food is essential for complete health and balance. We grow organic, raw sprouts.

We love fresh, raw nutrition. We love to grow plants. We love everything green!
There is no better way than to grow beautiful baby plants, also known as sprouts and micro-greens.

Sprouts & Micro-greens – Known for their super packed nutritional value, protein, rich colour and flavour, sprouts and microgreens are a delicious addition to your daily dose of nourishment. You can add them to just about any meal, or even eat them fresh as a snack, any time of day.

sprouted kale salad

Did you know?

We are Green! NO, REALLY Green. All our plastic packaging is 100% compostable.
We use GREEN SHIFT for our packaging.

Yes, we care about the environment as much as we do our little sprouts. All our goods need to be able to recycle back into the earth, in the best way possible!
Even our brown take out bags from The Healing Muse Apothecary are sustainably recycled paper.

Where to Buy Our Organic Raw Packaged Sprouts:

Corporate & Retail Weekly Deliveries of Sprouts & Sprouted Salads Available
Inquire 416-347-5449 or email info@rootstoharvest.com

Retail Locations:

Big Guy’s Coffee Shop
2861 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V 1H8

Monday to Friday 8-4pm
Saturday 9-4pm
Sunday 9-2pm

Our Organic Sprouts Also Available:

New pick up locations coming soon – Summer 2021